Incognito Keyboard

DecentraChat uses the existing keyboard or Input Method Editor (IME) on your device. On some Android devices, you can turn on Incognito Keyboard to enable an optional keyboard privacy flag that is provided by the Android operating system.

Steps to change your setting:

On your mobile device, go to> Privacy > Incognito Keyboard

What may happen when you enable Incognito Keyboard:

Your keyboard may stop learning from the input you type.
- Entries may not be remembered by your keyboard’s dictionary to be used later for autocomplete or as a suggestion.
- Autocorrect may not work.
- You may notice more typos.

Important: Keyboards and IME’s can ignore Android’s Incognito Keyboard flag. This Android system flag is a best effort It’s important to use a keyboard or IME that you trust. Dcannot detect or prevent malware on your device.